The Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy is now a recognized and significant cog in the global network of conservation organizations.

It is currently home to some 28 species – about 1,500 animals – all of which are the progeny of the individuals and small family groups rescued from the wild under the direction of the Kenya Government in the 1970s and 1980s.

Kenya has come a long way in the field of conservation, with its various Tourism & Wildlife Services still maintaining the largest land area in Africa given over exclusively to wild flora and fauna.

Mount Kenya forest has been recognized by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site and with a renewed commitment made by the government. It will almost certainly remain a primary world attraction for the present and future generations.

The Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy aims to help preserve this unique ecosystem by saving and breeding for re-introduction the indigenous species of wildlife that play such a crucial part of its existence.

The most remarkable of the Conservancy’s exotic stock are:
  1. A breeding herd of the rare mountain bongo, now extinct on Mount Kenya, which forms part of a program to return the species to the wild.


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