Adopt an Orphan



Adopting an animal in our care is the most rewarding experience you can imagine. Your adoption fee will help us care for your special animal by providing shelter, care and food.

All of the animals in our care can benefit from your adoption. The fee helps pay for their veterinary services, food as well as wilderness adaption training.

We encourage our friends to remain involved in particular animals’ lives by becoming their “guardian angel.” You can also give the perfect and lasting gift by ordering an adoption in your child’s or friend’s name.

For one-off donation of $100

You may foster any one of our orphaned animals for one year. We will in turn issue you with a certificate with the animal’s photo, identifying you as a foster parent.

For one-off donation of $200

You can adopt any one of the animals in our care for two years. You will receive an adoption certificate in your name with the animal's photo. You will also receive periodic updates on “your” animal’s welfare.

For one-off donation of $500

This makes you the lifelong guardian of your chosen animal. The animal will be known by a name of your choice. You will also receive a “Guardian Angel” certificate. You will also get a detailed history, general information and periodic update on the progress of “your” animal.

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